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Principal's Message

Mark Steed

On behalf of the staff, students and school community members of Hurstville Public School, I would like to extend the warmest of welcomes to you. For families new to the Hurstville area, our school offers children a contemporary educational experience within a supportive, caring and future focused learning environment.


Hurstville Public School enjoys a rich and proud history. From the opening of the site as a local educational institution in 1876, the school has maintained a tradition of fostering both high expectations and success. Whilst continuing to adapt to the numerous changes within the educational landscape and across wider society, Hurstville Public School has continued to prepare young people for the many and varied challenges they will face throughout their life and support them in their growth and development as lifelong learners.

The school's motto, "strive for success" perfectly encapsulates the ethos of our school community. We value the many ways that success, on both an individual and collaborative level, can be experienced, measured and subsequently acknowledged.  Striving for their personal best whilst maintaining a clear understanding of the need to be active citizens within the local and global community provides our students with a platform for the development of strong values. A wide range of opportunities are offered to our students, ensuring that as a school community, we support the needs of the whole child.

We are fortunate to work closely with members of the school community, particularly with the Hurstville Parents and Citizens Association.  Through this connection, we are able to clearly identify the educational priorities across the school community then work together to develop strategies that will best support the needs of all students.  We strongly encourage community involvement within school life and understand the significant benefits to students and the local community this involvement can foster.

Our current priorities include a focus on project-based or inquiry-based learning that incorporates the use of technology for learning and provides explicit opportunities for students to develop the skills of collaboration, critical thinking, communication and creative thinking. Closely examining the way our students are most effectively learning is also challenging us to redefine what engaging learning spaces look like. This journey has ensured that as a school community, we are exploring current educational research and identifying what works best in terms of teaching practice and opportunities for learning.

It is a privilege for me to be able to work with the students, staff and community members of Hurstville Public School in the role of Principal. Leading such a committed team of professionals and working closely with the school community ensures that each and every conversation we share about the education provided by Hurstville Public School begins and ends with, What is best for our students?

I look forward to welcoming you to Hurstville Public School.

Mark Steed