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Strive for Success

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About our school

Hurstville Public School has provided quality education to students since 1876.

The school is situated within walking distance of the main shopping centre and caters for students who live in the local area and who travel to the school for learning in Opportunity Class and Special Education classes.

The mission of Hurstville Public School is to provide quality education within a happy, secure and flexible environment in which individuals are encouraged to STRIVE FOR SUCCESS.

Our goals are: to encourage our students to be responsible citizens; to have a positive attitude to life long learning; to have high self esteem; to be able to make meaningful decisions and respect the rights and values of others; whole staff commitment to quality teaching and learning; full and equal participation between the school and its community; commitment to a quality service for reporting and communicating with parents and the wider community; the development of a school community which fosters diversity, promotes cooperation and resolves differences amicably.