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Parent Presentations


An important part of our School Plan is to build more effective partnerships with our parent community. One way in which we do this is by delivering presentations about various aspects of importance to our students' learning and wellbeing. Sometimes, these presentations are delivered at P&C meetings, and sometimes they are delivered at meetings organised by the school.

Copies of these presentations will be added to this section of our website, so that parents and carers who were unable to attend the meetings can access the material that was shared at the meeting. It also saves parents who were at the meetings having to take notes!

We will add presentations to this page during the year, with the most recent presentations at the top of the list.

Please click on the links below to see past presentations and handouts.


Kindergarten Transition 2 (pdf 1180 KB)

Kindergarten Transition Literacy (pdf 1961 KB)

Kindergarten Presentation (pdf 1233 KB)

Positive Behaviour for Learning (pdf 2054 KB)

CCT Presentation (pdf 850 KB)

Developing Resilient Children (pdf 119 KB)

Kindergarten Parent Information (pdf 1169 KB)

Stage 2 Parent Information (pdf 1333 KB)

Stage 3 Parent Information (pdf 1344 KB)

Support Unit Parent Information (pdf 1303 KB)



Kindergarten Transition - how to help your child at home (pdf 1737 KB)


Kindergarten 2017 Transition 2 (pdf 891 KB)


Promoting your child's potential (pdf 335 KB)


Experiencing emotions through questioning (pdf 96 KB)


Kindergarten 2017 Transition 1 (pdf 970 KB)


Ordering Book Packs Kindergarten 2017 (pdf 299 KB)


Mindful Parents (pdf 132 KB)


The 4Cs in Action (pdf 1116 KB)


21st Century Learning Skills (pdf 2531 KB)




21st Century Learning Skills (pdf 407 KB)


Developing Higher Order Comprehension (pdf 4005 KB)




What is Reading? (pdf 2474 KB)