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Road Safety

Hurstville Public School - P&C Road Safety Campaign

UPDATED 29th MAY, 2015

So … you've read the Bell Tower or heard about something exciting going on around the school lately, and you're interested to hear more ..

Well .. we won't disappoint .. you'll be pleased to know, the secret you've been waiting to hear is that we are running the:

Winning poster and slogan - Drive Safe, Think Safe, Be Safe - for Road Safety Campaign

Campaign (designed by the students of Class 1R – Ms Roebuck) to improve road safety to make sure every child arrives at, and leaves school safely every single day.

That's right … that includes my kids, your kids … OUR kids.


In 2014, our P&C was fortunate enough to be awarded a grant from NRMA to undertake a Road Safety Campaign across the school community. But with previous letters home about the problem, it didn't seem the message was getting to the right parents, since road safety continues to be a concern. So the P&C proposed a new and different approach. The vision behind the grant was:


  • To develop an educational program to target the children and equip them with the awareness and confidence to encourage mum and dad to do the right thing on the road


  • The grant funds have been used to:
    • develop a 5 minute road safety video, starring kids from HPS talking to kids from HPS
    • print brochures and banners carrying our road safety message
  • Run an educational program based on the video in all classrooms for every HPS child
  • Run a high-visibility blitz week (starting Monday 25th May 2015), where NSW Police and Hurstville City Council rangers will be present the whole week at pick-up and drop-off times to promote awareness and encourage long term positive behavioral change in drivers to do the right thing

Over the next two weeks, our school and P&C will be launching a major campaign to promote road safety, coinciding with the national Walk Safely to School Day; the United Nations Global Road Safety Week and the launch of our Road Safety video to be used as a teaching resource in our classrooms.

You tube video:

What parents can do to help

Ensuring that our students arrive at and leave school safely each day should be the number one priority for us all. Caring for all children, not just our own, means that we make decisions based on their safety, not our convenience. Often, we blame other drivers, the school, the council, the police when we make poor decisions that place others at risk.

To make our students safer, parents and teachers have worked as a team to develop a resource that is based on the streets around our school – Forest Road, Orange Street and Kenwyn Street – and the issues that our children face every day.

A huge amount of time, thought, expertise and commitment has gone into developing this resource butit will only be effective if our families engage with the problem. We need all families to recognise that road safety is about personal responsibility and changing current driver behaviour.

We will be encouraging our students to talk with you about the dangers they face when drivers break the rules or when parents take risks. Please take the time to listen to what they say, answer their questions, and commit to making the changes, as a family, that will keep all children safe as they arrive at and leave our school.

Next Steps

  • Start a conversation with your child today
  • Listen to your child if s/he asks you to drive safely and obey road rules as you prepare to drop them off or pick them up
  • Make a commitment to your child and to all other children that you will value their safety by driving safely and obeying road rules
  • Encourage other parents and friends to make the same commitment
  • Challenge yourself to acknowledge that an accident is not something that only ever happens "to other people", and acknowledge that to be safe requires effort and active intention to drive safe and think safe
  • Valuesafety over convenience

Safety Hints and Tips

  • DO allow plenty of time at pick up and drop off times to arrive / leave school
  • DO cross Forest road ONLY at the pedestrian crossing
  • DO hold your child's hand when crossing the road
  • DO encourage your child to STOP, LOOK, LISTEN, THINK at pedestrian crossings
  • DO drop your child off by the kerb and drive off to allow other parents to do the same
  • DO ask all children to get out of the car through the "safety door" (rear door next to the footpath)
  • DO be patient and respectful to other road users
  • DO obey the instructions of school staff at drop-off and pick-up times
  • DON'T talk on your mobile phone while driving/walking around the school
  • DON'T cross the road at KFC
  • DON'T leave your car parked in a No Parking or No Stopping zone
  • DON'T drop your kids off or pick them up:
    • while double or triple parked
    • half way through the turn at Orange St outside the gate
  • DON'T stop or block traffic to wave goodbye or watch your child walk in to school
  • DON'T drive down the lane that leads to the school canteen gate (It is NO Entry)
  • DON'T drive in to the school grounds or any staff car park (especially in rainy weather)
  • DON'T encourage or allow a Learner driver to drive around school
  • DON'T drive on the footpath at Kenwyn street (or any other street)
  • DON'T encourage your child to run across the road to get in to your car

Please check back here regularly during the next two weeks.

The road safety video will be made available on this webpage over that period for families to watch at home.

In the meantime, here are some teasers to show just how much fun road safety can be!

filming in Kenwyn Street


Group shot being videoed in Orange Lane


Parents having a lunch break during filming


Looking through the camera during fiming of the road safety video


A teacher and two students being filmed for the road safety video.


Team work in Kenwyn Street


 Four girls ready to participate in filming of the road safety video

 Parents, teachers and students watch a playback of filming